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Mindfully Pain Free is a pain recovery coaching service that addresses the biopsychosocial needs of people living with chronic pain. We provide educational resources, private mentoring, group coaching, and mindfulness-based skills that reduce or eliminate pain. Using science-based resources, we introduced neuroscience, somatic mindfulness, and principles of Pain Reprocessing Therapy. Pain Reprocessing Therapy is a validated method of eliminating pain using cognitive and exposure-based techniques. Click on the study published by the National Institute for Health: Retraining the brain to treat chronic pain | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Bio: Marisela is a bilingual registered nurse and certified mindfulness teacher.  She has 20+ years working in hospital settings (13+ years as a registered nurse) including two of the most renowned hospitals in NYC but after a work-related injury that caused her severe pain, she left the bedside. Through her own healing journey, she found passion and meaning in helping clients reduce symptoms of pain. Using a mind-body approach, she integrates Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), breathwork, and somatic mindfulness to guide clients through their own recovery. Marisela has experience with Compassionate Inquiry (CI) and Trauma-Informed Care. She enjoys nature walks, traveling, and facilitating mindfulness retreats.  


My experience with low back pain started in 2011, six months after I started my career as a registered nurse. Thankfully, an amazing orthopedic surgeon gave me a good prognosis, giving me the confidence to heal from my symptoms. Then after a surgical procedure in 2019, the symptoms returned. I had over 15 diagnoses and eventually was told I had fibromyalgia with chronic pelvic floor pain. My only options were medication management and nerve blocks for pain relief, I refused them all! I spent most of my days curled up in bed, hopeless, and carefully accommodating myself in any way that would allow me to lessen the constant pain.

Despite trying many methods, including different chronic pain programs, I became more debilitated. I went to more than 20 specialists and five physical therapy clinics, but I was still in pain. It wasn’t until a year later that I realized I had to stop. I decided to “stop looking for someone to save me.”

My meditation practices led me on a journey of self-discovery, and now I fully accept every moment of my life. I learned to experience all the different feelings that the hurt and pain were trying to mask. I have come a long way, and now my mission is to teach others “how to use self-awareness to be free from pain”.

Click on My Pain Story to view my recovery and healing process.

My Wellness Philosophy
Simple Ways To Feel Your Best…


If you want to nourish the body with healthy foods, slowly remove reprocessed meals from your diet and replace them with naturally based foods.


Rest is vital for our mental health, concentration, memory, immune system, mood, and metabolism. It is essential to implement a healthy sleeping pattern.

Manage Stress

Stress is a causative factor for numerous health issues, including chronic pain. Finding ways to reduce stress more effectively is necessary for pain recovery.

Move the body

Exercise is so important, it gets energy flowing around your body, calms your mind, boosts your metabolism, and releases natural endorphins. 

Emotional Balance

 Emotional balance comes from having self-awareness combined with a trained mind that’s able to notice and respond to emotions when they arise.



A focused mindset has at its core the fundamental belief that your basic qualities can be developed over time, helping you overcome obstacles and challenges.

I’m here for women just like you…

I understand your needs, because I’ve been there

Just a few years ago, I felt totally disconnected from my own body, and alone in my thoughts.

Results oriented

My goal is helping clients lead healthy lifestyles and accomplish their health goals.

Quality & Community

Not only is this possible, but it’s almost guaranteed when you follow the strategies I’ve developed over my recent years of trial and error.

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here are a few



Studies show that we have more than 6,000 thoughts per day. Worrying thoughts increase pain, cause anxiety, and activate our body’s stress response.


Pain is mostly due to a sensitive nervous system,  and how the brain processes misinterpreted information from the body, and the environment.


Chronic pain can bring depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. Fear, and hypervigilance contribute to poor recovery, leading to long-term chronic pain symptoms.


When we feel safe in our body, we can be with our physical sensations, but we first have to understand how pain works.


Research shows that exercise reduces pain and increases vital energy. Moving helps the body function better, which is essential in recovery.


Healing starts with self-kindness and compassion. When we show compassionate care for ourselves, we feel safe, loved, and rewarded.

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It is time to start believing in yourself.

It is time to start your healing journey.

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I’ve been where you are and want to truly help…

How does mindfulness help with chronic pain?

Mindfulness increases our capacity to be with unpleasant experiences and sensations, compassionately, and without judgement.

Why is meditation helpful with painful experiences?

Learning to be kind to ourselves during painful experiences can significantly change the relationship we have with difficult situations.

I've tried many programs, nothing helps my pain.

Pain is complex to understand and it takes practice to become attuned to your internal sensations, emotional distress, and natural reactivity to pain.

In what ways is this program different?

As a trained nurse in mindfulness,  I like to use a biopsychosocial approach to illness and pain. This process helps me understand your coping skills and it allows the treatment to be more personalized.

How does this program use pain neuroscience?

Pain neuroscience education is a strategy that teaches patients to rethink the way they view pain. Using mindfulness skills in self-awareness, you learn to be more attentive to negative thinking,  emotional suffering, and automatic behavioral habits.

What kind of support does this program provide?

 This program provides one-on-one personalized support, mindfulness skills, pain neuroscience education, meditation practices, peer support groups, and more…