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Pain Recovery Program

Heal Your Pain Program is presented via zoom weekly for 90-minutes for 8-weeks. Each week a theme is presented outlining the goals for each week. Topics include pain neuroscience, pain-fear-pain cycle, emotional triggers, cognitive thought patterns, pain behaviors, and corrective experiences to reduce pain flareups. All members receive resources to relieve symptoms of chronic pain including 6-weeks free of the Curable App, a pain workbook, weekly practices, and live coaching calls.

The educational training covers the following topics:

  • Week 1 – Pain education and how to reduce chronic pain symptoms.
  • Week 2 – How to use Mindfulness for Pain Relief.
  • Week 3– Learn the techniques used in Pain Reprocessing Therapy.
  • Week 4 – Practice soothing the nervous system to regulate your pain response.
ready to learn about pain?
ready to learn about pain?

Programa de Recuperación Corporal

El Programa de Recuperación del Dolor se presenta semanalmente (virtual) durante 90 minutos por 8 semanas. Cada semana se presenta un tema que describe los objetivos de cada semana. Los temas incluyen neurociencia del dolor, ciclo dolor-miedo-dolor, desencadenantes emocionales, patrones de pensamiento cognitivo, comportamientos de dolor y experiencias correctivas para reducir los brotes de dolor. Todos los miembros reciben recursos para aliviar los síntomas del dolor crónico, incluidas 6 semanas gratis de la aplicación curable, un libro de trabajo para el dolor, prácticas semanales y llamadas de entrenamiento en vivo.

Las prácticas semanales incluyen:

  • Semana 1: Instrucción sobre la ciencia del dolor y cómo reducir los síntomas.
  • Semana 2: Como utilizar atención plena (mindfulness) para el dolor.
  • Semana 3: Aprenda las técnicas utilizadas en la terapia de reprocesamiento del dolor
  • Semana 4: Practique como calmar el sistema nervioso para regular la reacción al dolor.







Mindfulness Coach Para Reducir el Dolor

Las clases de mindfulness y coaching para la recuperación del dolor son de 55 minutos cada semana. Pueden ayudar a reducir síntomas del dolor crónico, stress, y fatiga.   Las meditaciones somáticas ayudan con los síntomas del cuerpo y las emociones difíciles. Aprenda a reducir los síntomas del dolor, stress, y fatiga con mindfulness.

  • Primera semana: instrucción básica sobre Mindfulness (Atencio Plena) para el dolor.
  • Segunda semana: aprenda a utilizar la respiración para reducir los síntomas del dolor.
  • Tercera semana: instrucción a “somatic tracking” en español enfoque corporal.
  • Cuarta semana: Como usar la autocompasión para las situaciones difíciles.

Pain Recovery & Mindfulness Coach

The mindfulness coaching and pain recovery sessions are presented weekly for 55 minutes/each week to reduce symptoms of chronic pain, stress, and fatigue.  Somatic meditations help with body symptoms and difficult emotions.


  • Week 1: Basic instructions on mindfulness for chronic pain.
  • Week 2: Learn to utilize your breath to reduce symptoms.
  • Week 3: Reduce unpleasant sensations with somatic tracking. 
  • Week 4: Use self-compassion for pain, grief, and loss.

“In chronic pain, the brain misinterprets normal messages

from the body as if they were dangerous.”

Alan Gordon, LCSW.


What’s Included in This Program?

Pain Reprocessing Therapy

The brain and central nervous system become conditioned to make the body feel persistent pain, even in the absence of structural or tissue damage. Pain education is the first method for healing.

Basic Mindfulness Skills

Pain is fueled by worry, fear, and anger. Mindfulness gives you the capacity to self-regulate and observe the patterns that contribute to the sensitivity of your nervous system. 

Learn Somatic Tracking

Somatic tracking is a gentle method of observing and processing your physical sensations while learning to respond with a sense of safety. 

Pain Recovery Coaching

Pain recovery begins with a thorough health assessment and overview to help us understand your medical history, pain behaviors, and offer recommendations on your next steps.

Be assured, you´ll get the help & expertise you need

We’ll talk about your goals, struggles, and determine a plan of care on how we can best serve you.

“The body sensations that are categorized as pain, stress, and emotions are fundamentally the same at the level of neurons in the brain and spinal cord

Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett.




Learn the Neuroscience on Pain


Education on the Pain-Fear Cycle

Understanding the Pain-Fear Cyle has been shown to decrease pain.


Mindfulness of the Breath & Body.

 Learn how mindfulness meditation can help your well-being. 


Practical Tools for Flare-ups

Healing from pain does not have a timeline. A slow and easy process is key. 



Medication Management for Pain

Medication dosage and therapies should be only managed by a physician.


Psychotherapy or Counseling for Pain

Counseling and therapy can only be performed by a licensed  professional.


Medical Advice on Clinical Diagnosis

Advice on any diagnosis needs to be clarified by a physician.


Advice on Surgical Treatments & Procedures

Surgical treatments and procedures should be consulted with a surgeon. 

how it works

Here’s how we can work together


Fill out my contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


Complete my onboarding material, health history, goals, etc.


I’ll get busy designing your custom program and reach out with a session schedule.

what you’ll receive

The resources in the Chronic Pain Self-Management course are designed to walk you through a step-by-step approach to improve your health.

Somatic Mindfulness Lessons

Somatic tracking and mindfulness help your recovery by providing you with consistent body-based method to decrease pain flare-ups. 

Yoga for Chronic Pain

Each participant will receive a free three-week membership to an online yoga platform that is solely focused on chronic pain recovery.

Tracking sheets & Workbooks

Weekly tracking sheets and chronic pain recovery workbooks will be provided for step-by-step guidance.

Live Coaching

Receive live coaching by a nurse and clinical guidance for self-management that is evidence-based, showing notable results.

Membership for the Curable App

Each participant receives a six- week (free) access to use the evidenced-based pain recovery app “Curable”.

eBook for Chronic Pain Recovery

Learning about pain decreases the fear of pain. Each participant will be provided with a chronic pain eBook for self-study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tele-health or virtual appointment ?

Yes, I offer telehealth services. These virtual appointments are HIPAA compliant following all the guidelines and protocols for Telehealth.

How do I schedule an appointment ?

You can contact me via email at Marisela@MindfullyPainFree.Com for scheduling.

How is the content delivered?

Meditation and Pain Education classes are offered through Zoom or Webex. 

When do I pay my service ?

Payment should be made prior to any service(s).

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept Paypal, Venmo, or payments through Eventbrite.

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

Please read the terms of use guidelines and email me at Marisela@MindfullyPainFree.Com for any cancellation(s).

feeling is healing

Start your healing today?

Pain Recovery Program


$ 475

Includes four live sessions, weekly monitoring, 6-weeks of the Curable App, and 3-weeks (online) yoga membership.

Private Nursing Consultation



This fee is for a 55-minute virtual or onsite consultation.  It does not include free access to the Curable app or yoga online.

Programa de Recuperación


$ 475

Incluye cuatro sesiones en vivo, monitoreo semanal, recursos para el dolor, y membresía de yoga de 3 semanas (en línea).

Is your pain exacerbated by grief?

Join Our Private Support Group

‘Ready to Grieve’

This eight-week program allows you to share your unique grief experience in a caring community without being analyzed, criticized, or judged. In this workshop, we explore misconceptions about grief, shared difficult emotions & unpleasant feelings, learn self-compassionate exercises and mindfulness skills for self-inquiry. As a group we finalize our healing journey with a legacy project that you can cherish to remember your loved one. *Contact us via email or text 727-213-8994 for more details.


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